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Traditional rock & gravel composition

Iwakura (岩倉) in Japanese translates to "sacred stone". With its origins in Japan's native Shinto beliefs, iwakura were said to be important stones inhabited by deities, and were adorned with a special rope called a shimenawa. This ancient reverence for stone can still be found at the very heart of the Japanese garden today. Not all stones in a garden are iwakura, but collectively they are a sacred and essential element in the garden.  A Japanese garden may or may not contain various elements like water, moss, or ornaments, but it will always contain stone. 

Iwakura Japanese Gardens specializes in creating sacred spaces, gardens that evoke a sense of timelessness and tranquility. From small and intimate moss gardens to larger installations of boulders, trees, and even water features, a Japanese-style garden can be the perfect addition to a residential landscape, public green space, or business setting.

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