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Garden Design & Build

Japanese-style gardens use rocks, moss, finely pruned trees and shrubs, and other elements to create spaces of serenity and contemplation. A smaller garden might center around one main element, while a garden of larger scale could consist of several. Iwakura Japanese Gardens will create your garden using the right combination of professional landscape practices, creative design, and the use of traditional Japanese gardening techniques.


 - Dry rock gardens

 - Water features

 - Stone compositions

 - Moss gardens

 - Japanese garden trees (niwaki, 庭木)

 - Stepping stone paths

 - Stone ornaments

garden design for small spaces
Japanese koi

Garden Maintenance


The maintenance of a Japanese garden differs from a traditional western garden in several ways. Trees are generally maintained at a smaller size and are pruned each year to preserve their unique aesthetic. Garden beds may contain stone borders and moss or other groundcovers, so typical edging and mulching practices may not apply. Weeding and pruning are regular tasks, and periodic cleaning of garden features like ponds or raked gravel play a role in keeping a Japanese garden looking its best. We offer garden maintenance on a schedule that fits your needs and the needs of the garden.


Aesthetic Pruning


“Aesthetic Pruning is the creative interpretation of small trees and shrubs. This living art form combines the artistic skill of the pruner, the essence of a tree, the science of horticulture and the needs of clients and surroundings.

With its foundation in Japanese garden pruning, bonsai, and arboriculture, aesthetic pruning incorporates visual art and design principles to work with plant material within its unique setting. Due to the universality of its approach, aesthetic pruning benefits all situations and garden styles.

Aesthetic pruners focus their work on trees and shrubs under 15 feet tall. They are dedicated to the craft of pruning, versed in many styles and have a long term vision with an emphasis on health and beauty.”


 - Aesthetic Pruners Association



We offer consultation for property owners looking to implement their own garden design or installation, or who need advice on how to best maintain their existing gardens themselves.

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